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Are you ?

tyring to insulate your business from risks ?
looking for compliance checks ?
seeking info on potential JV partners ?
planning to fund a venture ?
planning to acquire a company ?
looking for pre-outsourcing screening ?
seeking corporate investigations ?
looking for litigation info ?
safeguarding your information assets?
vulnerable do data theft and hacking?
having a security policy in place?
ensuring that data integrity ?

These and many more of your risk assessment needs would be met by our various offerings in relation to Risk assessment services...


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Risk Assessment

Country Risk Reports

Transnational businesses face risks due to security and political unrest in the countries they operate in.

We have on our panel, very senior retired defense officials who are currently engaged as security advisors or political analysts who help us gather first hand information from people directly engaged in conflicts across the border or dealing in threats due to terrorism and other kinds of political / social unrest to forewarn our clients which are chiefly MNC Banks and Multinational Corporates of any eventuality that their business needs to be prepared for.

We work in close co-ordination with the enterprise risk management departments of corporates by assisting them in all the backend research necessary to help them formulate their business continuity plans. Our forte is to gather first hand inputs from experts rather than depending purely on published information.

Corporate Due Diligence

You really need to do the reality check before committing yourself to the big bucks or a long term commitment. A detailed background check, whether it is on individuals / corporates coupled with litigation checks, negative news search and reputation checks form the building blocks of our Due diligence reports.

Our background searches / corporate investigations not only help unearth important facets of the subject’s past history, background and financial status but also tries to expose derogatory information highlighting involvement in any scam/scandal using several negative listing database checks.

Our committed desk research coupled with field investigations, discrete inquiries and interviews help us unearth vital facts that can throw much light on the authenticity of the business projections, size of operations, business spread as well as the reputation and quality of services rendered.

Information systems security audit

Our specialist IT experts and qualified auditors not only help in formulating security policies and frameworks but also conduct regular audits to make sure that there are no laxities. They can further help you frame your security policies and ensure that these are implemented.

Corporate Quality Governance

Inefficient processes, unutilized resources, wastages, lack of co-ordination and client dissatisfaction due to internal lapses always weigh down heavily on progress. Infact, expansion can be forgotten completely if one does not have a tight reign on the existing business processes. Quality governance therefore plays an important role.

Over 50 corporates have as yet benefited from the expertise of our quality management experts.

Database / Litigation Searches

We offer a wide array of integrity checks out of most countrywide and global risk and litigation databases. A very cost effective solution as compared to a detailed due diligence and a compulsion in today’s times with antisocial, dishonest and disreputable elements being a scourge to deal with at every step.

Financial risk assessment

Our panel of financial management experts are extremely adept at scrutinizing project reports, loan applications and financial statements of corporates to gauge the degree of financial risks involved and to suggest adequate measures to plug in the weak areas.

We also help our corporate clients through the documentation process of raising funds, getting insurance, licenses and permits as well as help them in the preparation of audit manuals.

Credit appraisal and Vendor Audits

We also conduct credit appraisals and factoring audits on behalf of banks within the NCR region, which includes having the KYC formalities as per the Banks forms and formats fulfilled. All reports and analysis are produced as per the Bank’s specification.

Similar services are extended to corporates having a large dealer network as we help assess vendor performance and credibility.