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Are you

setting up a new venture ?
analyzing Project options ?
chalking out a market strategy ?
entering a new market ?
looking for new buyers / suppliers ?
scouting for business ideas ?
concerned about economic forecasts ?

Do you

have diversification / expansion plans?
wish to have in-depth industry analysis ?
want to know of the credit worthiness of an entity ?
wish to get ahead of competition ?
need to arrive at a decision quickly ?
need to know how regulations are affecting your business ?

These and many more of your business information needs would be met by our various offerings in relation to Market intelligence…


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Market Intelligence

Competitive Business Intelligence

We offer a wide range of primary and secondary research studies to help you resolve all your business queries and give you a deep insight into the prevailing business situation, competition, opportunities and threats associated with a particular project / venture/ market.

While we offer complete customization, our standard offering is a well researched document on the performances of key players within an industry, Industry norms, regulations, Who’s Who, a brief industry scenario and any other useful information. What you get is not just a detailed report on the financial performances of key players but also a SWOT analysis based on public domain information, news and other vital inputs extracted from media reports and business information databases at our disposal.

Business Information

Our business information reports are like a detailed biographic of a business entity. It covers all and sundry information regarding when it was formed, what it does, how it grew to its present state, who are the stakeholders, what is the management like, company’s financial performance, ratio analysis, recent developments, collaborations, infrastructure, size of operations, geographical spread and such like information with an analytical assessment of its credit worthiness and future prospects.

Industry Reports

We offer a wide range of industry research solutions for clients from diverse business domains. Our comprehensive and thoroughly analyzed industry reports act as excellent support systems for clients to take strategic decisions.

Core Team of research analysts with expertise in diverse industry fields track emerging trends and general practices within an industry based on an objective understanding of the Indian market conditions while adding value to data gathered from key data / statistical registries and news archives within India.

Our Industry news and analysis delivers timely, in-depth business intelligence and advice that enables you to be better informed at all times.

Indian Economic Review

The success of any business revolves around the environment it operates in. Positive or Negative trends within an economy are bound to affect the growth of a business that any astute businessman cannot ignore.

Our Monthly Economic Review provides insightful data and analysis on the Macro-Economic trends and forecasts along with the views and opinions of economic pundits as well as the measures taken by policy makers who are responsible for putting checks and controls in places.

Global Economic Review

Cross border trade being the mantra today, brings with it risks and uncertainties of operating in an unknown territory.

Local economies are bound to be affected by the global environment, hence it pays to keep abreast of what transpiring across the world and be a step ahead in mitigating risks, en-cashing opportunities or for that matter gaining a competitive edge.

Our quarterly global economic review report tracks the economic trends the world over and the major issues on the minds of policy makers across the globe. You may also request for a global scenario on a particular industry.

Marketing  / supplier database compilation

With access to most industry associations, chambers of commerce and industry databases (private and government) we can help you identify potential clients, suppliers and investors in a much more efficient manner and in a shorter time.

Trade Statistics

We have made it our business to have access to all industry and country specific trade statistics such as pricing and production data , detailed information on import and exports happening from our country, consumption patterns so on and so forth.

You can also request for :
asset searches, skip tracing, export / import statistics, Industry wise production statistics, investment research, verifications, charges report, background screening, charges report and much more…